During May 15-16, 2018, the research committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Kasetsart University, in collaboration with Kasetsart University Social Innovation Support Unit (KU SISU), organized the Workshop on Participatory Action Research PAR) for Social Innovation at the conference room 701, Building 4, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kasetsart University. There were twenty lecturers and supporting staffs from the Faculty of Social Sciences who participated in this workshop. In addition to getting knowledge from PAR lecture within the conference room, all participants had a chance to conduct a field research at Kudi Khao Community, Bangkok.

The workshop was led by our honorable speakers, Dr. Siyanee Hirunsalee and Miss Chananaya Prasartthai who are knowledgeable in PAR and social innovation and Mr. Annop Prasomkham who gave the participants important background knowledge about the community. The workshop focused on dissemination of knowledge about PAR, both theories and practices in order to enable researchers to conduct the further research as well as develop the body of knowledge into social innovation.