“Universities should play a main role to teach students to become more socially responsible and to also become more innovative.”

What’s your name? Tell us about yourself 

My name is Chit Aein Thu, I am the Founder of CCEducare Myanmar, a social enterprise organization in Myanmar. I am an advocate for quality education and youth empowerment.

What do you think the most important social challenges are at the moment? 

In our country, I believe that the education system is outdated and does not fit into the modern society anymore. The curriculums are no longer relevant and do not enable students in the real working life. At the same time, the access to quality education is very low, especially in Myanmar.

What are you doing to address this challenge or what do you hope to do?

I am currently introducing online learning to reduce the limitation of quality education access using information technology. We envision Myanmar to become a country where all the students can have access to equal education.

How do you think students and young people can play a role in helping solve these challenges?

Students should be encouraged to become innovative and to solve challenges outside of normal means.

What did you learn at the SEASIN studio? 

During the SEASIN Studio, I learned how social challenges involve the consideration of related parties and their efforts and also how actions can be planned well in advance through the design workshop.

Has the SEASIN studio introduced you to new ways of thinking/working? Has it changed your perspective or your behaviour?

Yes, SEASIN Studio taught me new ways of thinking and more effective designing in creating solutions.


What does ‘social innovation’ mean to you?

To me, ‘social innovation’ is being creative and discovering new ways of solving social issues to improve better communities.

Do you think it is important that universities play a role in the community that is more than as academia?

Definitely yes. Universities should play a main role to teach students to become more socially responsible and to also become more innovative.

What can universities do to help students become better problem solvers of future challenges?

There will always be new challenges that we will face in the future. Universities can teach students the innovation process steps such as identifying the problem, generating an idea, and then implementing and monitoring those ideas.