TCU SISU Team organized a short visit to explore the Maker Fest Myanmar 2019 at American Center with a purpose of encouraging the students’ creative ideas by observing the innovations of various entrepreneurs and business organization. Here, the innovators use their brains, hands, and heart to make things.

The event took place on February 16th 2019 in Yangon. Before this trip, TCU SISU had delivered the design thinking seminar to arouse the students’ creative ideas in problem solutions. In the seminar, the students mainly focus on theory and in this short visit to Maker Fest the students had studied the innovations in practice by the entrepreneurs and organizations.

During the fest, the SISU users attended the paper craft workshop, robot workshop, robot competition, soldering workshop, Myanmar maker culture talk, 3D printing, origami workshop, 4th industrial revolution talk, bucket weaving. By attending this event, our TCU SISU users have gained many ideas and knowledge and they can participate in the INNO FEST@TCU SISU 2019 which would be held soon.