Case study 3 – Color Silk Enterprise Cambodia

Color Silk works to protect the ancient tradition of silk weaving in Cambodia while empowering women and reducing poverty in more isolated areas.¬†Color Silk’s missions are :
– to empower women living in isolated areas
– to reduce poverty and contribute to the economic development of the region
– to perpetuate a cultural heritage at risk of vanishing : silk weaving
– to promote fair trade and respectable work conditions.
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Color Silk Enterprise Cambodia


Restore the Silk Weaving Culture of Cambodia, while also empowering rural women through income generating activities.

Stakeholders and beneficiaries

Rural women, village communities, tourism sector, etc.

Relationship with High Education Institutions 

This idea was developed and presented for the National Business Plan Competition which was organized by the National University of Management, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2008.The university helped to mentor Color Silk Enterprise and their founder is a frequent guest speaker in university entrepreneurship programs. The social enterprise emerged out of the university partnership.

Products, results

They produce a wide range of silk scarves, dresses and fashion accessories. Please visit their website for more details. Color Silk Enterprise Cambodia has also won numerous social awards including a grant from Starbucks Share Planet Grant, Cambodian Social Enterprise of the Year Award 2015, etc.

Contact details

Ms. Ngorn Vanntha (founder), email