Case study 6 – TREE Alliance

Provide training to marginalised youth in a real-life training restaurant environment.

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TREE Alliance

To achieve their objective “Saving lives, building culture”, Tree Alliance work as intermediary between children on the streets with their family, future employer and the customers. They equip street children with the skills they need for employment in hospitality industry and individual social support necessary to ensure that students can graduate successfully and to not go back in the streets again.

While customers at Tree restaurants get quality local foods and good services. Each year Tree Alliance work with 15,000 lost/working children in Cambodia and 50,000 more in eight countries in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, this social franchising restaurant is scaling and hope to work with Royal University of Phnom Penh to share social model to wider group of audience like students, to learn from students and SEASIN partners, to network and connect to potential partners, and lastly to test, share, and get innovative ideas for social impact.

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