Case study 7 – The Good Tavern

The Good Tavern – student-run social impact hub, is a platform to create synergy with social enterprises for greater impact. The Good Tavern provides a market for products/services of early stage social enterprises and nurtures communities towards a good social change.

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The Good Tavern

Good Tavern Social Market was started by Chloe Tee and a group of her friends, students of Sunway University Business School. The team had the mindset of a social entrepreneur, she saw that business model can be used to solve social issues and turn the situation into a win-win situation for both the business and the social condition. Thus, the team developed idea to provide the platform for the wider public (students) to learn about social entrepreneurship through experiencing (connecting with) the actual social enterprises, the Good Tavern Social Market was born. With the support of the space from/at Sunway University and the mentoring from the staff, the project did not require much seed funding to begin with.
The social markets had been held numerous times at Sunway University and other local HEIs. It was also held outside of university context once, at the office of Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre. It functions as a platform for the social enterprises to exhibit their social causes and impact. The Social Market also intended to raise awareness and to spread the concept of the social entrepreneurship to the students through allowing the students to interact and communicate directly with the social entrepreneurs.
Since every year the Social Market’s core members are being replaced by new joiners and the project is lacking experienced members to enhance the project in more strategic and cohesive manner, it is hard to replicate the market to other universities and shopping malls as aimed. Moreover, marketing and promoting the 7 market to the wider public and bringing/attracting greater traffic flow during the social market remain a major challenge for the project. Lastly, Chloe planned to eventually turn the mobile market into a permanent lifestyle store to a place that showcases the products or services of different social enterprises. However, Chloe hoped that the official partnership with SISU at Sunway University will provide them with needed space and further mentoring and advice
Contact details:; +60 11-1628 1369