Case study 8 – Recycle Myanmar

Mission: To raise funds by means of processing of recyclables into final products and to care for children who have dropped out of school. Strive towards a rubbish-free society.



Recycle Myanmar


Pon Nya started one of the first waste management innovation social enterprise in Myanmar, Recycle Myanmar in order to turn the city he lives into rubbish free society in 2013. With personal endowment money, this social enterprise aims to keep the environment clean with right ways in disposing of and raise fund to enforce Child Rights in Myanmar. Recycle Myanmar provided the smart bin for home, offices and, university uses. The revenue was used to provide food and space for children. Pon Nya set up waste management platform and network and worked with religious ground and donation center in fostering people’s ecological awareness. This cultivated sense of responsibility and changed behaviour and attitudes of the people towards trash management and was able to achieve 7,000 tons of recyclables within 4 years. Recycle Myanmar is in the process of developing and launching the prototype of Recycle Piggy Bank.

The enterprise also intends to extend its recycling initiatives to other parts of the city and eventually the country. Fund and manpower were main challenges for future expansion of the enterprise. Recycle Myanmar & the Co-operative University are working in 5 different areas, namely:

(1) designing curriculum in the area of Social Innovation, Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship.

(2) Knowledge Sharing – Recycle Myanmar is working to further inspire and motivate the students of the HEI to participate in the local social innovative scene.

(3) Green Campus – Recycle Myanmar will work to turn Cooperative University of Thanlyin into a Green Campus, which will be extended to Cooperative University in other areas.

(4) Recycle Myanmar invites students of the HEI to train with its enterprise and to work for the projects initiated by Recycle Myanmar.

(5) Recycle Smart-Bin/ Recycle Donation-Bin – to place the bins around the 9 campus and to provide the opportunity for the students and staffs to learn about recycling by practicing recycling in their daily living.