Case study 5 – Local Alike

Local Alike connects you to offbeat and local Thai travel experiences. We work with locals to create once-in-a-lifetime trips for you and use income generated to achieve social development goals.

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Local Alike

Description is an online marketplace where you can find curated travel experiences in local communities across Southeast Asia.You get to experience trips that are designed to be enjoyable and authentic for every traveler and local alike. You simply have to try out the amazing food and drinks, adventurous treks, immersive cultures, exciting shows, and so much more that you won’t find with traditional tour companies.

Local Alike matches you with local communities and responsible tour operators instead of simply matching you to one tour guide. This is called community based tourism, a form of tourism that allows local residents to be involved while emphasizing community development.


Create opportunities for locals communities and businesses to better their livelihoods through tourism

Collaboration with Higher Education Sector

In collaboration with Kasetsart University. They work with the university students at Kasetsart because they want more young people to learn about the concept of Community Based Tourism, social enterprise and spread awareness.


Local Alike believes in traveling the right way. They inspire every traveler to be a changemaker by helping them transform tourism into a powerful development tool. They work hand-in-hand with the locals to curate a genuine and meaningful experience for travelers and locals alike. They also set up community based tourism fund to help improve the quality of life for each community we work with.  Their business model seeks to reduce the inequality of opportunities such as access to jobs and education. This is the main cause of poverty, leaving them no choice but to sell their products and service to middlemen at a disadvantaged price which compromises their livelihood. Moreover, young people also leave their homes for the city in search of income to support their families. This gradually causes local wisdom and culture passed on from generation to generation to fade away. Community tourism helps to raise awareness and provide income opportunities for sustainable development.

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