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The South East Asia Social Innovation Network is a project funded by the European Commission which effectively supports and promotes social innovation as a means to achieve sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth, social cohesion and equity in South East Asia. SEASIN’s core objective is to provide a platform for driven people focusing on innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. We believe that social innovation can solve the most pressing challenges in the world, that youth is the driving force, and in collaboration with a clear purpose – it can all be done.






Demine Robotics Kickstarter

The proliferation of landmines in war-stricken countries is a massive hurdle to sustainable development, as they are often hidden in farmland, paths to schools and other areas of countryside. Now, Demine Robotics - the product of a Cambodian-Canadian engineering team...

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Campaign on environmental cleanliness

TCU SISU conducted campaign on environmental cleanliness in the Kyaikkhauk Pagoda Estate near the university. The campaign was led by TCU SISU coordinator Rector Dr. Yi Yi Win and this campaign was conducted for the purpose of increasing the awareness of the...

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