Welcome to TU SISU

The Social Innovation Support Unit (SISU) at Thammasat University constitutes of 2 spaces: Co-working space and Makerspace.

The rationale behind splitting the two spaces is that one caters to service and application (knowledge-based) innovation projects; while, the other space is a workshop where products are prototyped and made.

The TU SISU is at its ‘growth’ stage, the project leaders are currently gathering feedback from stakeholders in order to expand the services that we provide.

Our vision: We consider ourselves incubators, an impact hub where innovators and change makers can grow their social impact projects and enterprises from concept to implementation to impact.

Our mission: We strive to institute social innovation as the impact driver for sustainable change in education and community-based challenges. We aim to educate and empower the next generation of innovators (our students and stakeholders) with the knowledge and skills required in today’s globalised world. We will create connections and foster impact projects between innovators in Thailand and SE Asia.

Our Values:
Inspiring Innovation
Through the services that we provide, we want to communicate not only to our stakeholders; but, to communities that social innovation is the key to sustainable change and growth.
Creating Collaboration
We at Thammasat University believe,
“As people think and work together, a fabric of shared meaning comes into being.”
― Harrison Owen, The Power of Spirit: How Organizations Transform

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Designing with intent at Thammasat University

Designing with intent at Thammasat University

On March 05, 2018, the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University organised a SISU Workshop in its Makerspace. The workshop was led by guest Digital Fabrication expert, Mr Kitrawee Rudeejaruswan from FabCafe, Bangkok. The workshop activity was allocated into two...

Supporting social enterprise in Thailand

Supporting social enterprise in Thailand

The program aims to increase the potential of 50 Thai social enterprises in terms of developing their products and services to be able to solve economic, social, and environmental problems and achieve sustainable development goals. 50 social enterprises are offered...