Welcome to Yangon University of Economics SISU

The location of YUE SISU is at Yangon University of Economics (Padamya Building, Hlaing Campus). Since the Department of Management Studies of YUE has been given to take the responsibility to carry out the SESSIN projects, the SISU is established at the Management Studies Department.

How to Become 10% Entrepreneur

How to Become 10% Entrepreneur

This seminar is held on 13th March 2018 at Padamya Building-2, Hlaing Campus, Yangon University of Economics. The speaker is Dr. Patrick McGinnis. Master of Business Administration students attended this...

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This seminar is held on 15th January 2018 at Main Building, Ywar Ther Gyi Campus,Yangon University of Economics. The speaker is U Tun Tun Naing, president of Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA). Undergraduate students of Yangon University of Economics...

Social Entrepreneurship in Myanmar

Social Entrepreneurship in Myanmar

This seminar is held on 7th November 2017 at Padamya Building - 2, Hlaing Campus, Yangon University of Economics. The speaker is Dr. Aung Tun Thet, Chief Coordinator of Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development (UEHRD). Master of...

YUE Social Innovation Idea Contest

YUE Social Innovation Idea Contest

Opening Remarks by Dr. Khin Naing Oo, Rector, Yangon University of Economics Seminar on “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by U Htun Htun Naing, President of Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association Questions and Answer Presentation about Social Innovation...

The Contact:

Department of Management Studies
Yangon University of Economics
Padamya Building, Hlaing Campus
Parami Road
Hlaing Township
Yangon Myanmar.
Telephone: +95 01 664684, +95 01 661736
Fax: +95 01 664889




Where we are!





YUE provides separate space for SISU Labs. One is at fourth floor of the front building. Total area of space is approximately 1,000 square feet. The area is used for the following purposes.

– Office: reception, office work stations, record keeping
– Conference room: meetings
– Labs: work station for students projects

It was extended to another SISU Labs for students to reach out easily.


YUE SISU Stakeholders


Our key stakeholders are students both from university and high school. Myanmar students even at the university concentrate only on their study. They do not have experience like paper route or lemonade stand.

YUE SISU wants to change this mind set.

They should recognize that their study is for their career, for their business, for their living!
They should explore innovative ideas!
They should have knowledge about doing business!
One day! They should be responsible business executives!
YUE SISU likes to help them by providing business education.

Business Community

The role of YUE SISU as a business community center!
We like to share the information and knowledge for the entrepreneurs!
We like to create a place for business people to discuss and learn from each other about the problems they face!


Helping people in innovative way is our mission!
We explore the social needs and problems in our community.
Our helps go to support them in sustainable ways for having better life.




YUE Virtual SISU Lab




The utilization of YUE SISU Labs are very much limited to YUE students. For the wider access to YUE SISU by other stakeholders throughout the country, we are working on developing a Mobile Apps for YUE SISU.

YUE Virtual SISU Lab coming soon!