Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)

SIX is the world’s primary network focusing on social innovation.​

Our vision is for a world where everyone is empowered to work together to change society for the better.

Our mission is to develop the global social innovation ecosystem and inspire a shift in structures and mind-sets to create more innovative societies.

Through our activities and programmes, we empower social innovators by connecting them with peers, sharing methods, knowledge and solutions globally.

We work with governments, businesses, academics, funders, practitioners and leading social innovation intermediaries to accelerate the field of social innovation around the world. Since we were established in 2008, we have been helping them develop their capacity to innovate, alongside the necessary relationships and knowledge to deliver more social impact. We work at the micro and systems level simultaneously.

We are constantly learning from the people innovating in their own communities, wherever they are in the world. By linking all these actors across sectors, themes and locations, we spread the most effective models more quickly, though SIX’s activities.

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