Young Digital Innovators Program/MTDI

Young Digital Innovators Program/MTDI

Bootcamp on 23th & 24th February 2019
On the 23rd of February 2019: Young Digital Innovators Program/MTDI training session was held as basic introduction on hands-on Arduino at UiTM-MTDC Technopreneur Centre (MTDI Space and Elab MASMED). A total of 30 students from SMK Seksyen 2 and SMK Seksyen 7 participated in this programme. The speaker for SMK Seksyen 7 was Dr. Zulfakri and Mrs. Fadzliana Saad was the speaker for SMK Seksyen 2. The logistics were handled by Mrs. Anees Abd Aziz from the faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam.

On 24th of February 2019: Young Digital Innovators Program/MTDI training session, was held for another 30 students from SMK USJ 8 and SMK Seksyen 9. Dr. Zulfakri and Dr. Zurita were the speakers for SMK Seksyen 9 and SMK USJ 8 respectively. The logistics were handled by Dr Harnani Hassan and Dr Sukreen Hana from the faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam.

As an outcome of the bootcamp, the students would need to develop and produce innovative projects by August 2019. This on-going project is proj sponsored by Celcom Axiata.

UiTM Celcom IoT Bootcamp

UiTM Celcom IoT Bootcamp

UiTM-Celcom IoT Bootcamp: on the 8th to the 10th of February 2019 a bootcamp was held for 10 selected schools involving 12 teachers and 60 students. A total of 16 academic staffs and 20 voluntary student mentors from the Faculty of Electrical, Civil and Chemical Engineering participated to make the bootcamp a success. The program was sponsored by Celcom Axiata under the Young Digital Innovators Program. The bootcamp which was held for 3 days and 2 nights involving Design Thinking, hands on activities and introduction towards the development of innovation projects. One important criteria for the school selection is that they are categorized as the underprivileged schools. The IoT bootcamp aims to expose the students to the wonder of the IoT and enhance the students’ potentials.

UiTM SISU’s January and February activities

UiTM SISU’s January and February activities

In the last two months, UiTM SISU has approached several potential users in discussing the use of the UiTM SISU facilities. In January, UiTM SISU has been in contact with Dr. Norol Hamiza Zamzuri from the Public-Private Reseach Network (PPRN). Through this connection, several community leaders and small-medium enterprise (SME) owners will be trained in UiTM SISU. Meanwhile in February, similar discussion has been made with another potential user of UiTM SISU from the Faculty of Education. The discussion with Mrs. Roslaili ended up with the identification of 3D training and community work involving the students.

Discussion session with PPRN representative identifying potential community leaders and small-medium enterprise owners engagement with UiTM SISU.

DIY – Soap Making Workshop

DIY – Soap Making Workshop

On the 27th of November 2018, we organized a hands-on soap making workshop at Makerspace which was conducted by Evelyn Marieta the founder of Wunderbath Co, a business that focuses on producing handmade bath products. We had about 20 participants who took part in the workshop consisting of a diverse group of students and university staff.

In conjunction with World Disability Day which was the week after the workshop, we had two guest speakers with disabilities to share some of their inspirational stories. One of them is a current student at Sunway University. Their talks helped to fuel a passionate short discussion on improving the quality and well-being of students with disability in campus.

Evelyn conducting the soap making workshop.

Shortly after, Evelyn gave an inspiring introduction on how she started off making soaps as a business venture and how young entrepreneurs could learn and do the same with skillsets that they would gain from the workshop. Participants were really excited about the workshop and everyone brought their own moulds to keep the soap that they make. We wanted to also promote re-using waste materials and it encouraged participants to bring containers like milk cartons, yogurt cups, coffee boxes, juice boxes, plastic bottles and etc.

Soap mixture ready for vigorous stirring!

Final step – pour the mixture into your personalized mould.

Soaps are now ready for use.

Sliced soap – with lavender.

One other desirable outcome from this workshop was that some participants felt motivated to want to learn about making handmade soaps using used cooking oil to reduce waste products. To make that a reality, we intend to reach out to Green Yards, a social initiative in Malaysia specializing in re-processing used cooking oil from the local community to be made into soaps and candles.

Participants, guest speakers and the organizing team.

SEASIN Competition at SGS-TU

SEASIN Competition at SGS-TU

This competition was designed for SGS students to showcase their problem-solving abilities on a local scale.

The winning team would then attend three different university workshops in three different European countries during the month of May 2019.

As such, the winning team will attend social innovation workshops held in Scotland, Spain, and Portugal; and will come back to the school – re-evaluate their final pitch and present it at the final event being held in Thailand later in 2019.

The teams were asked to address a series of questions, some of which are listed below:
What is your social innovation project?
a. The scope of the project
b. The nature of the problem being addressed
c. The reason for your work
a. What is your reason for being interested in this topic?
b. What is the root cause of this problem?
c. What makes it difficult to solve?
a. What is your role in solving this problem?
b. What is your piece of the puzzle?
c. Are you trying to solve the entire problem? Or, which part of the problem is your work trying to solve?

There were three workshops, the first one focused on the Business Model Canvas and how to adapt it for social enterprises.

On February 09, 2019, the team members and other participants brainstormed the BMCs for their social innovation project ideas.

Dr Serdar went through the various components of a business model canvas highlighting the differences between a regular one and a social enterprise model.

On February 23, 2019: Two workshops were conducted simultaneously, one focused on Service Design and the other on Components of Brand Design.

Aj. Namor facilitated the Service Design workshop, while P’ Lulu facilitated the workshop on Components of Brand Design.