Case study 9 –  Myanmar Business Executives Association

MBE is a key actor within the sustainable and responsible business development of Myanmar through education, social development, micro-finance and concrete corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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Myanmar Business Executives Association

Description: MBE is an NGO, a nonprofit and a social enterprise, with 111 members and a network of more than 2000 responsible entrepreneurs and executives, with the mission to promote sustainable business development in Myanmar. The programme covers subjects related to financial management. Courses offer knowledge of micro-finance, improving one’s business, managing finances.

Activities include business development activities, community development programs (livelihood, education, health, infrastructure), training and capacity development programs (business education, social development subjects, human rights, organizational development) and microfinance programs.

MBE are a social enterprise, and an advocate for corporate social responsibility and a new way to think business.

Supported by: Yangon University of Economics