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Join 150+ business leaders, policymakers and social entrepreneurs in Bangkok to explore the case for social innovation.

Like corporate innovation, social innovation creates value by applying new ideas to complex, often intractable global issues. But rather than creating profits for shareholders, it seeks to benefit society more broadly.

Now, more than ever, innovators have a chance to build on the growing awareness of social and environmental in Asia. The emerging social-enterprise sector has huge potential to bring about positive change.

The event will explore pressing questions:

·  Can social innovation generate economic growth?

·  How is social innovation changing traditional businesses?

·  What social innovation will look like by 2030?

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Join us at the Social Innovation in Action Summit on October 3rd to discuss how to quicken innovation and learn from those who have succeeded in changing society for the better. Secure your place with code SEASIN and SAVE US$100 (20% off the standard rate). Visit website: