TCU SISU supported the project which will encourage and develop the students’ entrepreneurial mindset and idea. Under this project, the second basic painting and recycle art training workshop was conducted from (8.7.2019) to (12.7.2019). The training workshop was conducted with the following objectives;
– To increase the number of SISU users who are interested in social innovation.
– To increase the alternative income sources for the SISU users.
– To recycle the wasted materials by creating the products in an innovative way.
Totally (28) students from Co-operative University, Thanlyin are participated in the training workshop. During the 5 days of training workshop. Artist Ko Ye lead the workshop to share his knowledge and to practice the students in recycle art. As part of the project, TCU SISU conducted the group based competition for recycle art at the end of the training workshop and prized to three groups who get first, second, and third prize in the competition.