Eco-Plastic aims to transform landfills into roadfills by using plastic waste added into the conventional asphalt concrete making the roads last long, stronger, and cheaper than the traditional road pavement material. A duo of female Cambodia, Sokanha Ly who is senior in Civil Engineering at Zaman University and Bunhourn Tang who is a senior in Business Adminstration at American University of Phnom Penh, believed that plastic waste is a curse to the environment, to and to the economy and people face a high risk driving on roads in Cambodial which are often poorly constructed and damaged by high traffic. By establishing Eco-Plastic, they will be able to use plastic waste to improved roads, and transforming landfil waste into a roadfill product. They are the silver medal winner of BMC Cambodia 2018 and also the 2nd winner of Regional Mekong Challenge in Bhutan.

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